FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
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The name change!

After a good 2 years as Three Zs Gallery, we have really narrowed down on to  specific products and ones that we are really love. Majority of our earrings are made from different Australian woods and then hand painted. We love to keep the earring natural and so all of our designs have only a small part painted just to add a bit of difference to the pair. And we have incorporated wood into our cufflinks range.

So after a few months of trying to decide what we should do and getting feedback from various people, we decided a name change and a new logo design was what was needed to re-freshen the brand. Trust me it was a battle - male maker and creator, female seller - two opposing ideas of what the logo should look like. BUT we got there in the end and finally decided on the new name - Ironton Cole Designs and the logo is a leaf in neutral tones with a dot at the top for the 'I' and the curve of the leaf for the 'C'. Ironton Cole still represents our children as they bear this as their surname. They do have some input into the designs and colours - a little family business.

Thanks for reading again xx

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