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FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
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Mid Feb already!!!!

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Hello! Wow we are mid Feb already, time is flying by and Ive decided to do a Kate Toon Click Click Click Boom course whereby you get a daily challenge for the next couple of weeks. And this is, Im hoping, going to shape what our 2024 is going to look like. I feel stagnated and need a little boost to get the business going again. 

Ive had some beautiful orders go out over the last month of product stands, product tags, earring orders, stockist top ups and doing the Midsummer Festival in Werribee. Its always one of my favourite events that so well organised and done via the Wyndham City Council. 

Ive also sadly lost a couple more stockists due to closure of their business. Its tough out there for retailers and owners of small business. Customers have literally stopped spending. What they spent a year ago has halved and I noticed that already when I did a couple of markets in December. Average spend was around the $20 to $30 mark and thats tough as majority of our products are more than that. We have had to absorb a lot of costs ourselves with the rise in cost of wood and materials as well as postage! Ive put markets on the back burner this year  - its a lot of extra stress and work for very little return. Im optimistic though and Im sure things will return to somewhat "normal" spending levels.

Im looking for more stockists now and I sincerely hope more dont go and close down. 

So here's hoping to a great and prosperous 2024. 

Image insert of me at this years Midsummer Festival in Werribee. 

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