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FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
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Its winter and I loathe the cold, coming from NZ people would say  - oh you'd be used to the cold - well I'm not and we should have moved somewhere warmer haha We ended up moving more regional inland and boy does it get really cold here in the winters and we have already had -1 mornings! So I shall throw on a few more layers and move around more to keep warm haha

So what's been happening with our little business? Well we have super super quiet its eerie. Least my end of year finances will be easier to consolidate. The impact of everything going up is really showing now and our products are a nice to have. Another stockist is saying goodbye to their current shop as the landlord didn't want to negotiate on rent or length of stay. So on this topic - why do these big landlords not want to help and support small businesses? Why are they content in getting another franchise in and not help a small business who in turns supports other small businesses with Australian made products that are handmade and created here? Wouldn't it be amazing to know that your purchase from these small shops is actually supporting a maker right here in Australia. I know times are tough and the prospect of ordering online from places like Temu and Shein is exciting because you got a bargain, but then did you really need it? Just food for thought - before you go to those "amazing" websites that supply you with cheap things - think can I get it here and know that your hard earned money to going back into the Australian economy and you will most probably get a far superior product, this is my own opinion. 

On a great note, we did pick up another stockist - right here in our home town. A local wholesome cafe called Sonny. The owner was amazing to provide us with a space to showcase our range of wooden earrings, cheese boards, cheese stakes, seed cards, coasters and single stem vases. So if you're passing through Inverleigh be sure to pop in and take a look!

I hope things pick up again soon as I still get so excited when I get an order to create and make something special for our customers. 

Well I hope you have a wonderful month ahead and as always thank you for reading this. 


Jo x

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