FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
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Hello 2024

2024 growth in business

Well 2023 was an interesting year! I had so many plans for our business which didnt eventuate and it was a hard slog. The continuous interest rate rises and overall prices of everyday essentials just put our business on the go-slow. I have to admit that even I culled our spending a lot and only really spent on necessary things. We were also building and renting at the same time and it was tough emotionally, mentally and financially. 

2024 is going to be a year of growth and creating opportunities. I would love to find more stockists and collaborate more with other businesses. Creating products and working with other creatives is where I want our business to be. Finally moving into our new home and creating a dedicated space for our business is certainly going to shape how we evolve and grow. 

I hope to share more of our business over the next year and of all the wonderful products we get to make for you. 

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