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FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
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Markets and people

We have been at a fair few different markets, ones that have been a total flop with awful weather, that our tent has nearly blown away, 40 degree days that has then turned into gale force winds, freezing temps, torrential rains - I tell you I think we have experienced every bit of weather. And other markets that have been truly awesome where the weather plays nice, the kids are happy (we take them everywhere we go) awesome people and people love our products. 

What we have learned with markets is that it is so unpredictable, we think we are going to have a really bad one and it turns out to be fabulous and vice versa. Market organisers and stall holders really make a market. You can tell if a market is going to be great or a dud just by talking to the market organisers and the stall holders around you. The enthusiasm shared by all makers make it great. We have made some fantastic repeat customers and collaborations with other businesses. And without these people, your business just doesnt really exist, so we thank you. 

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