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FREE pair of studs with every earring purchase
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Wow, never thought Id have to write about going into a lockdown for the second time EVER! The Covid-19 virus really is a super spreader and I feel will never be eradicated until a vaccine is found or we go into Survival of the fittest Mode lol

In Australia, we are lucky, we can get our cases to zero with a lot of help from the people  - We are in this together - is the greatest campaign slogan that is so true. We can get through this by each and everyone of us social distancing, hand sanitising/hand washing, not going out unnecessarily and I think we can beat this. We have fresh air, water, supermarkets are all open, we can even get takeaways when we are feeling lazy to cook, there are open spaces we can walk/bike too and we have a great health system. It was just such a shame that we had to go back into lockdown. 

Anyway, so now markets are totally off till goodness knows when and we have stock we need to move!! So please support our little business. 

Itll be back for homeschooling for sure for term 3 - we got into a groove by the time they went back so here's hoping we get back into nice and smooth. Stay safe and healthy and thanks for reading xx

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